About us



STICK IT Labs LTD. are at the forefront of the global cannabis industry with a revolutionary patent-pending product that brings a new experience to tobacco smokers.

Meet the EXTRA C brand, the first of a range of patent pending products from our R&D lab based in Israel.

EXTRA C is a unique, proprietary product that instantly converts a regular cigarette into a cannabis/hemp cigarette.

The brand was conceived as a convenient way to enable people to smoke cannabis, by simply inserting the active material into any existing cigarette.

It followed the observation that traditional rolling is often inconvenient and time consuming and generally not conducive to casual or impromptu cannabis consumption.

In other words, new users, medical or not do not know how to roll a joint.


Derived from a proprietary production process, EXTRA C is condensed cannabis oil in a matrix giving the product its necessary rigidity, similar to a toothpick

Once inserted, EXTRA C burns at the same rate as the cigarette, leaving no particles and a minimum ash. 



  • Consistent Dosing: EXTRA C can be produced with different concentrations of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG.
  • Terpenes and Aromas: EXTRA C terpene combinations work in synergy with the cannabinoids giving a precise target and scent. 
  • Colors printed on the EXTRA C stick itself will indicate these features, enabling the consumer to choose which one is preferred, wherever he or she happens to be and per situation.